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Consumer confidence is key to maintaining current customer relationships and building new ones

To further support your business, we’re excited to be developing a new program – with your business needs at the forefront. The Canada Post Verified Business Program aims to give you an added edge in the competitive ecommerce market. Learn more and register your interest.

We’re looking to build a program that supports your business in key areas

Proudly made in Canada

Instill consumer confidence

Build trust with consumers by telling shoppers you’ve been verified by one of Canada’s most recognizable brands.

E-commerce made easy

Increase conversions

Building trust leads to increased conversions. Show online shoppers that they can shop safely and securely with your business, backed and verified by a brand they already know and trust.

Trusted transactions

Supporting businesses nationwide

Alongside your verified status, we are looking to create a merchant repository of trusted businesses to give you exposure to new customers and expand your reach nationwide.

We’re exploring a one-time fee for participation in this program of $1,500

The proposed fee associated with the program includes costs such as the business assessment process and ongoing monitoring of merchant partner sites to maintain program standards.

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Join us in the development of this exclusive program!

Green and efficient shipping

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Thank you for your interest
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Canada Post Verified Business Program?

The Verified Business Program is for Canadian online businesses who meet established eligibility criteria. Those eligible and interested will be verified per the standards of the program to receive the Verified Business badge. This badge can be displayed on the business’s website with the goal of enabling online shoppers to shop with confidence, knowing that the businesses are reliable, secure and trustworthy and are verified by one of Canada’s most trusted companies.​

How can I become a part of the Verified Business Program?

To take part in the development of the Verified Business Program, you will need to submit an application and undergo an assessment process to determine your eligibility. Assessment of eligibility is based on a review of your business practices, product quality and customer service.​

What happens if I do not qualify through the assessment?

If you do not qualify at this time, you will not be eligible to display the Verified Business badge on your website, however you may reapply at a later date. We will provide feedback on the specific areas of the assessment where improvements can be made in order for your future participation.​

What benefits can I expect from joining the Verified Business Program?

Once your business is accepted into the program, you'll have the opportunity to display the Verified Business badge on your website. This badge can enhance customer trust, driving increased conversions and repeat business. Additionally, your business will be featured in our merchant repository, providing valuable exposure to potential new customers who are actively seeking trustworthy merchants.

*Terms and conditions apply. The program name 'The Canada Post Verified Business Program' is a placeholder name for the pilot and subject to change.