Flat rate products and shipping regions

Discover flat rate product types and regions

Prepaid envelopes and flat rate boxes from Canada Post are prepaid to make sending simple. Choose the right product for your shipment, determine if you will need regional or national service and we’ll take care of the rest.

Simplify your shipping

Flat rate envelopes

Send important documents, small products and standard-sized packages with our flat rate envelopes to manage your costs and save time.

Flat rate boxes

Send larger items anywhere in Canada with our flat rate boxes. The price of postage, tracking and liability coverage are included in the cost of the box. They are available in three sizes and can hold up to 5 kg. If it fits, it ships.

Flat rate service regions

Flat rate products can be sent regionally or nationally.


If you want to send your items between two points within the same region (e.g., Vancouver to Winnipeg), then you’ll need regional service.


If you want to send your items between two different regions (e.g., Vancouver to Halifax), you’ll need national service.

Select a flat rate product by region

To choose the right envelope or box for your needs, determine the region where your shipment will originate from and the region where it will be sent to. To learn how the regions are defined, view our chart and map.

Regions chart

Province or territoryRegion
British ColumbiaWestern
New BrunswickAtlantic
Newfoundland and LabradorAtlantic
Northwest Territories postal codes that begin with X0E, X0G and X1ANorthwest Territories
Nova ScotiaAtlantic
Nunavut postal codes that begin with X0ANunavut East
Nunavut postal codes that begin with X0B and X0CNunavut West
Ontario northwestern postal codes that begin with P7A-L, P8N, P8T, P9A, P9N and P0T-YCentral and Western Tip: Use a regional envelope if you’re sending mail from one of the applicable postal codes to any destination in a Central or Western region.
Prince Edward IslandAtlantic